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vendredi 23 mars 2018

Retour sur la webmission San Francisco 2011

Pour la troisième fois, à l'occasion de la conférence Google I/O, une trentaine d'entrepreneurs belges du Web se sont rendus à San Francisco. L'AWT était associée à l'événement. Présentation des entreprises participantes
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Chaque année, Google organise à proximité de son quartier général de la côte ouest des Etats-Unis un grand rassemblement de développeurs d'application Web: Google I/O. La Belgique est riche en entrepreneurs du Web espérant un jour compter parmi les succès planétaires tels que Twitter ou Facebook. Nombreux sont ceux qui rêvent de pouvoir présenter leurs produits innovants lors de cette conférence.

Depuis 3 ans, cette nouvelle "conquête de l'ouest" de l'ICT américain a donné naissance à une nouvelle communauté: la Webmission. Des entrepreneurs belges ayant participé aux précédentes éditions de cette conférence suscitent des vocation et entraînent avec eux d'autres innovateurs du Web.

La Webmission est une délégation d'entrepreneurs, d'ingénieurs et de bloggeurs belges du Web et du mobile parcourant le monde afin de promouvoir leurs entreprises, de "networker" et de profiter des opportunités liées aux événements internationaux dans le secteur du Web et des TIC. Les principaux responsables de cette initiative sont Antoine Perdaens, Kindja J. Lwabandji, Nicolas Frenay et Samuel Piroton.

Présentation de la Webmission par Ramon Suarez, à l'occasion du Wif Belgique en 2010.

L'édition 2011 du 9 au 13 mai

Webmission SF

Depuis la première Webmission en 2009, plus de 15 entreprises de la Silicon Valley ont accepté d'accuellir les entrepreneurs belges. Elles ont partagé avec eux leurs idées, innovations et leurs conseils. Parmi celles-ci, on retrouve Yahoo!, MySpace, devJam, Citizen Space, Sf NEWTech, Kyte, CBSi, Seesmic, Twitter, Microsoft, Google, Orange labs, Facebook, Adobe, Happy Cog, etc.

Pendant une semaine, du 9 au 13 mai 2011, en parallèle avec les 3 jours de conférences du Google I/O, la Webmission a planifié des rencontres avec diverses entreprises californiennes dont plusieurs étoiles montantes du Web. La Webmission n'est pas un club privé, toute personne se sentant l'ame d'un entrepreneur et intéressé à rejoindre le voyage est bienvenue!



Auctelia is an online platform that helps industries to manage their heavy assets the best way at all stage of their life cycle from maintenance to disposal.

The platform is composed of three main features:

  • Auctelia provides maintenance officers with an equipment breakdown identification tool and a service history tool while providing managers with strong online reports for cost control and budget forecast purposes.
  • Auctelia helps managers in the decision making process about the end of assets’ life by providing in depth analysis of equipment costs combined with market data.
  • Auctelia provides a turn-key sale solution via an online auction platform. The online auction platform is already available. The other features will be available soon on the cloud.
  • http://www.auctelia.com
  • François-Xavier Bellot, CEO



Research shows that people are highly influenced by other reviews online. Text reviews are subjective though and often experienced as unreliable. Video reviews are rich, more transparent and have proven to increase conversions.

Bubobox brings high-quality video testimonials to every device and will reward contributors through social and gaming mechanisms. We do this by providing a freemium widget, which can be embedded onto every device and will make it very easy to automatically gather and show customer video testimonials.

BuboBox is a Founder Institute graduate and we strongly believe customer video reviews to be the next evolution of online word-of-mouth, and we would like to play a major role in this.

  • http://www.bubobox.com
  • Koen Stevens



Checkthis is a beautifully simple publishing tool designed for the new web. No set-up. Optional sign-up. Just publish and share the link in seconds.

  • http://checkthis.com
  • Frédéric della Faille, Product Manager


  • http://www.cityplug.com
  • Contact Frederic Monet, Managing Director


IcyWeyes is a start-up company that provides fresh scalable solutions for the growing market of content viewing on mobile devices, this in light of the need for more personalized content and location based services.

IcyWeyes provides mobile video interactivity through scalable technology; it introduces a new customer oriented scalable e-commerce business model to the mobile (video) market, and creates, by integrating with various partners, the full mobile open (video) ecosystem.

The IcyWeyes platform will be first used as a mobile video activation platform, in a later stage the PAAS architecture can be re-used for developments of other mobile VAS.

  • http://www.icyweyes.com
  • Nicolas Frenay, CEO

Knowledge Plaza

Knowledge Plaza

Knowledge Plaza is a Social Knowledge Management platform combined to a powerful information diffusion aspect. Our clients like EDF, PMU, Lafarge or Suez use KP to collaboratively and securely collect various type of information such as links, documents, and e-mails, contextualize them and make them accessible internally or to their clients and partners via dynamic portals.

Knowledge Plaza is also used by our clients to exchange and discuss information about their market and competition, to document their projects, and stimulate their innovation.

  • http://knowledgeplaza.net
  • Antoine Perdaens, CEO




My wife and I attend may seminars. She's pediatrics. After a one of her conference she saved a child with a newly published research protocol. But we can't attend all seminars and remember their enormous amount of info.

MedTalk is a solution to encode and bring those conferences to the web and on most of the current platforms. With easy to use software and curated quality content; full-text search on both the speech and slides, to help doctors find the relevant data quickly.

  • http://mindspark.eu
  • http://medtalk.in
  • Stanislas Rusinsky



If there is one constant in people's musical life, it's their need for sheet music. Finding that right piece of sheet music, tailored to your instrument, playing skills and preferences, can be unfortunately a heavy job. Not so with MuseScore which wants to tackle this global problem.

MuseScore is the leading free and open source music notation software to create sheet music. It is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, and translated in more than 35 languages. With more than one million downloads and 100 000 downloads on a monthly basis, MuseScore is proving to become a very decent alternative for the expensive commercial software such as Sibelius and Finale. Music education worldwide is adopting MuseScore because it's free, easy to use and makes beautiful sheet music.

MuseScore.com can be introduced as the Flickr of sheet music. You can easily upload and share your sheet music made with MuseScore, as well as download sheet music from others. MuseScore.com is operating under the freemium business model, users can buy more storage for their sheet music as well as access to advanced features. Once the sheet music is online, it's instantly available for smartphones and tablets such as the iPad, through an open API. With MuseScore, the production, distribution and consumption sheet music is entering a new life away from paper. Finally, sheet music gets a truly social life.



Shall I Buy mobile app allows shoppers to log and share their purchase intentions and share that with friends to get instant feedback on the go.

Online shopping is very efficient as you can easily find information/reviews/prices of products. Offline shopping does not provide such efficiencies, but it still represents 97% of the overall retail industry.

Today we see that consumers are slowly altering the retail landscape by using technology to communicate with relatives from the store, e.g. 50% of the consumers are using smartphones in stores to take pictures of products.

  • http://shallibuy.it
  • Didier Vermeiren


You can Contact Sitebase to have a website or web application created. Besides that you can also count on Sitebase for search engine optimization and hosting. That way you don’t have to Contact several companies. Sitebase arranges everything for you that is needed to have your website working as it should. Underneath the section ‘Services’ you will find more information about what we do exactly.

When we create a website we always follow the same method. You will play an important role in it and you will follow from nearby every step in the development process. That way you can ask for changes and have the design adjusted at any time. It is important for us that you are aware of every step we take during the entire development phase and that you agree with each step. It is the best way to create a product that corresponds 100% to your wishes.

  • http://www.sitebase.be
  • Wim Mootmans



Streetmark let you bookmark anything, anywhere.

Streetmark is an iphone application that let you share and discover what's around you.

Fashion victim? Design addict? Fan of Architecture? Take a picture and let Streetmark remember its location and share it with your friends!

  • http://streetmark.com
  • Arnaud Coomans, CEO

Cuvelier Company

Cuvelier Company

Cuvelier Company is focused on all the computer's aspects. Cuvelier Company will help you with all your IT questions.

We can help to all the IT aspect of your business. The main objectif of the company is Computer Sciences.

I'm a web and technologies enthusiast, a belgian web entrepreneur and a passionate developer. I felt into computer when my parents offered me my first Commodore 64. Since then, I'm just a computer lover. I'm also a mac addicted.

  • http://www.cuveliercompany.com
  • Jean-Christophe Cuvelier



With Storify you can create stories using tweets, flickr images, youtube videos, facebook messages and more.

It's the new typewriter for the social media age. Early users include the New York Times, Al Jazeera, Washington Post, and more. These news organizations have been using Storify to tell the stories of the people in Egypt, Libya and Japan. They give a new human perspective of the events.

We also have a lot of bloggers who are using Storify to cover conferences, share interesting discussions they witness on social media or to tell their stories using what they posted during a trip or they friend have posted during their wedding.

  • http://storify.com
  • Xavier Damman, CTO


  • http://bluemetis.com
  • Contact Laurent Duchateau

Alma In Silico

Alma In Silico

Laboratory activities in biotechnology and biomedical fields have a lot of manual operations that do not take advantage of modern IT technologies. This may also affect the management of orders and experiments or storage and processing of data.

Alma In Silico developed a web application that exposes the services provided by the laboratories, storage and processing of data. This portal is based on a layer of web services allowing us to interconnect the various IT resources that our customers need. The storage is based on cloud technologies and is enriched with the ability to attach data processing actions, again on the cloud, such as external grid systems.

Alma In Silico thus provides the multiple missing links between laboratories, their clients and the cloud resources.

  • http://www.alma-in-silico.com
  • Pierre-Yves Gilson


  • http://www.netevents.be
  • Dieter Kraewinkels, Managing Director



ABCResto.be is a restaurant directory focused on the user experience. The website is like a social network of food addicts. User comments and ratings help you to find and discover a restaurant. Particular attention was given to the search function. The goal is to find a restaurant as quickly as possible. It is even possible to find a restaurant with only 4 clicks and no keyboard!

On abcresto.be you'll find:

  • a map search,
  • an advanced search (several cities and / or more food types)
  • free online reservation with restaurant partners

And that's not all! abcresto.be is a social recommendation engine. Based on your profile, your favorite restaurants and food types, we suggest restaurants "a la carte". It is very easy to discover new places to satisfy your culinary tastes.

Restaurant owners will also benefit from all these features. The administration panel allows you to update any information simultaneously (eg Carte, Lunch, Menu, ...) on abcresto.be and on the restaurant website.

The creators of this website bring new and fresh ideas for the industry. abcresto.be is still working on additional features: restaurant suggestions, mobile application, ... It seems there is a new player in the world of belgian restaurants!

We wish you a great time, enjoying food with us. Eat it! Taste it! Share It!

  • http://www.abcresto.be
  • Eric Rodriguez, Founder



If you like collecting objects, you like to carry your precious collection with you at all times. You never know when you might come across a new asset and need to know what you can trade or what exactly you already own.

Collectionista is an app for your Android phone, fresh off the drawing board and into the Market. Manage your collection of books, music CDs, and more! In its current beta state you can add items by scanning their barcodes or by entering details manually. You can organize them into collections you maintain yourself.

Designed as a general Android app to keep hold of any collections, Collectionista aims to fit in with the system and other apps, natively. Emphasis is on a beautiful presentation and a sound user experience. Examples are the book and CD covers that are automatically fetched off the Internet, but which you can also change if you want to.

The goal is to become a manager of not only these typical media collections, but also of classic collectibles or even plain day-to-day items. Expect new ones to be added in the future.

Wepika - Café Numérique


Edouard Seynaeve, co-founder and manager of Wepika, Café Numériques organizer, PHP developer, thinker, speaker, optimistic, and DIY lover!

His professional live goes around two activities, his e-commerce agency and Café Numériques' nights; the first one as a job and the second as a hobby. With his partner Christophe Gillard, they created Wepika.com, a company specialized in the development of online stores. The services of Wepika cover the development of e-commerce websites, webmarketing strategies and the design of eBay Stores. Wepika is capable of managing 100% of the e-commerce activity of his clients (except for logistics).

The Café Numériques are free weekly meet-ups which objective is to promote innovation and initiate as many people as possible into new technologies. Every Wednesday night, a thematic night accessible to everyone is organized. The “Café Numérique Bruxelles” is community gathering between 30 and 100 "technophiles" every week since October 2009, it celebrates its 70th night this coming 15th of June 2011. Since December 2010, a new session started in Liège, gathering around 40 people on average every two weeks. The subjects treated go from teaching over the Internet, online journalism, the new smartphones, passing by the domestics and the participation to movie previews, etc.





Officity is an open-source web applications platform. For users, Officity is like Access or Filemaker on the web. You can create, expand, and share web applications directly from your Excel files and manage your data right away.

For developers, Officity is more like a Windows or Mac OS on the web. You can quickly prototype, create and distribute sophisticated web applications based on the most popular open source knowledges and servers in the world.



Kaiten is a new navigation model for web applications. Unlike conventional applications where each screen replace another without continuity, Kaiten stacks the screens side by side horizontally, like columns, and provides a continuous user experience.

You will recognize one of our inspiration. We scale it, we push it to the limit and create a model which is:

Device-independent: Kaiten adapts to the screen resolution, from one column on smartphones, to 5 columns or more on a 30" screen.

Better usability:

  • Space and time continuum: everything at sight
  • Instant breadcrumb: go back and forth without having to reload
  • Simple & intuitive: each panel provides contextual info and actions
  • Usage continuity: users don't have to learn several applications
  • Full-featured: users don't have to use subset apps on mobile devices
  • Scalable: adding features is easy as forking a new branch



Fabian is busy writing a handbook to help stimulating innovation in digital ecosystems. Based on a Value Chain model analyzed and used through cases at IME Business School in New York, Fabian used his past experiences, readings and connections in order to move further. Through device, telecom, media and regulation components, Fabian reveals how the User has been empowered and has taken control on these actors. And positive and negative consequences on innovation.

Thanks to a strategic tool (DICoDE Strategies) and an economic tool (DICoDE Business Models), Fabian enables organizations active in these ecosystems to define the potential for innovation of the products and services in their current roadmap. These tools also allow to understand stakes, partnerships and limits of these ecosystems in order to optimize digital presence of each company. Fabian hopes to share his tools and his ideas with as many people as possible during the Webmission. He's already spending the previous week in NYC to connect with some interesting people from East Coast.

  • http://DICoDE-book.com
  • Fabian Tilmant

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    Presentation des startups, entrepreneurs et institutions qui composent la Belgian Webmission 2011 à San Fransisco du 7 au 15 mai 2011
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