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mardi 20 mars 2018


Belgian provider of innovative and flexible softwares for video analytics.  ACIC proposes customized solutions on high-level hardware for video surveillance applications: security, counting and traffic monitoring
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The Belgian company ACIC is a provider of video content analysis solutions (VCA).

ACIC's products consist in easy to set up appliances making of the camera a smart and powerful detector in various video surveillance areas. Following a pre-defined procedure, the system is designed to generate alarms or transmit data's to the user.

Installed on high-quality servers, the high-performance VCA software's enable a seamless integration with major IP cameras, DVR and NVR/VMS of the market thanks to ACIC Event Manager (AEM), an intermediate service layer (middleware).

A wide range of applications are covered by these solutions:

  • intrusion detection;
  • perimeter monitoring;
  • border and coast surveillance;
  • abnormal behavior or abandoned object detection;
  • tailgating detection and unicity check;
  • people, car and bike counting;
  • statistics gathering (counting, speed, classification);
  • automatic incident detection;
  • redlight violation detection.

The innovative nature of the solutions brings new detection possibilities in security and safety, and attracts worldwide clients, especially from France and Middle-East. Industrial groups, public administrations, shops as well as major foreign public companies are the most important part of ACIC's clients.

The last innovation operating since 2009 has been a panoramic video detection appliance, especially dedicated to wide areas surveillance for a Kuwaiti refinery. Competing with radar in terms of allowed possibilities, working 24/7 with thermal cameras and enabling visual identification, this solution is the right example of ACIC's flexibility and expertise. The Belgian company reaches then the level of American or Israeli competitors. As solutions are adjustable on most existing surveillance systems, ACIC is constantly looking for partners, integrators and distributors to sell or install the technological solutions.

Created in 2003, ACIC is a spin off of the R & D center Multitel, of the Faculty of Engineering of Mons and of the Catholic University of Leuven. The team is made of engineers, computer scientists and Ph.D.'s in applied sciences specialized in the creation of video analytics systems, with great skills of adaptability and creativity helping them to create video analysis software for very specific destinations and use.

Amongst ACIC's references: SNCF, RTBF, Maniet/Luxus Shops, K-in-Kortrijk, United Nations, Comtec Systems, Les Grands Prés, Federal Police, Brussels-Capital Region, ING, etc.

Contact ICT 2010

Jean-François Delaigle

  • Managing Director
  • Tel.: +32 (0)65 394380
  • GSM: +32 (0)484 159565

More information

  • ACIC
  • Parc Initialis, 28, Boulevard Initialis, 7000 Mons, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)65 394380
  • Fax: +32 (0)65 394381
  • ACIC
    ACIC est une acteur majeur en vidéosurveillance intelligente. ACIC propose des solutions innovantes en sécurité et surveillance de trafic. Ses produits sont basés sur des logiciels d’analyse automatique de la vidéo
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