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Based on results from University researches, Alterface master and develop all needed technologies both sound and pictures to achieve stunning attractions
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logo Alterface

Founded in 2001, Alterface develops, markets and implements interactive entertainment and/or education solutions.

Based on results from University researches, Alterface today has 30 employees at its site in Belgium and a representative office in Los Angeles (USA). The company's exclusive technology and expertise enable it to position itself as a key contact for its many clients, theme parks and museums, located all over the world. Various investors, both private and public, back Alterface.

Combining innovation and industrial quality, Alterface has developed the SaltoTM software driver, a patented sturdy interactive systems management tool, designed to operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in public spaces.

Alterface has extremely extended know-how in the field of data processing display and signal processing (picture and sound) in real time, as well as the production of spectacular and video-realistic content. Thanks to its modular and flexible design, SaltoTM can handle all sensors that can be dynamically connected to it and thus supply data to the interactive scenario.

Alterface has developed the CinemActionTM Interactive Theaters and Dark Rides. CinemAction features 2D and 3D contents (produced by its business unit StarLane Productions), along with special effects, motion based seats and on screen shooting system to create highly responsive games for true group amusement in any size of venue. Storyboards take inspirations in universal imagery such as western for Desperados, Carribean adventures for Pirates Plunder, Haunted houses or the deep-sea world for Sea Safari.

Our skills

Alterface masters and develops all needed technologies both sound and pictures to achieve stunning attractions.

Our technology is patented:

  • video projection: Alterface delivers front or back projection, warping, blending, color matching, 2D, 3D, SD, HD, WQXGA, dome projection;
  • sound system: Alterface is able to control full building audio systems, whatever its complexity. Our biggest audio system to date is 84.14;
  • special effects and Show control: Pcan, ASI, Ethercat, geolocalisation, tracking,…are all controlled through a single point user-friendly interface;
  • SFX range: Wind, Water, Strobe Lights, Smoke, Vibrations, Butt Kicker, Scents, Leg ticklers, Neck ticklers, Heat, Cold, Snow, Animatronics, etc.;
  • integration with any cart for Dark Rides from any manufacturer, rotating or vibrating platforms, motion based seats, redemption systems, photo sales systems, etc.;
  • 24/7 Internet based monitoring.

Contact ICT 2010

Xavier Marichal

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • GSM: +32 (0)486 472331

More information

  • Alterface
  • 5, Rue Edouard Belin, 1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)10 480060
  • Fax: +32 (0)10 480069
  • Alterface
    Systèmes multimédias interactifs pour les musées, les parcs scientifiques et les parcs d'attractions
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