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From information to knowledge: EarlyTracks’ experience, knowledge and existing infrastructure is there to provide cost-effective, flexible and scalable business intelligence solutions
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EarlyTracks is a Belgian company active in developing disruptive business intelligence tools and methodologies. Our core technology is highly tied to the next big web evolution: the Web of Data or Semantic Web. Semantic Web will enable the development of high value added services that deeply interoperates with the open world. Key components of this vision are already available but their use still needs broader acceptation.

Semantic Web: a catch-all term for a group of techniques, tools and principles that allow machines to automatically process data from the Web in a meaningful way. Instead of processing isolated pieces of information, semantic applications use knowledge available on the Graph for their processing. The levels of descriptive power and interoperability needs are then incredibly huge, way further those available with the current web standards. Although still a vision, the Semantic Web has gained momentum and is said to be the "next big thing" on the Internet landscape. Adoption by large players has occurred recently.

Business Intelligence: on the other hand, a set of techniques that are used to extract meaning out of pieces of information in order to allow human to take the right business decisions and acquire knowledge about facts or events. These are proven methods that have been used over the years with relative success. So far, they have been considered as a very attractive solution for any company willing to cover large amounts of documents. Unfortunately, those solutions suffer from several limitations including, among others: high investment needs, relatively low precision and rigidity.

The EarlyTracks vision: the current developments in the Semantic Web can really add value to Business Intelligence applications: Not in the future: now. Strong of a 3+ year R&D program ending in December 2011 and currently occupying 7 FTE (partly funded by the Walloon Region), EarlyTracks conceives a brand new type of Business Intelligence framework that fully encompasses the Semantic Web vision. Results so far are impressive and in real disruption with existing BI tools.

The ICT 2010 organized in Brussels is for us the opportunity  to launch a commercial program to promote our R&D results obtained so far. For any company interested in better grasping the whole set of content available on the Web.

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Brice de Behault

  • Head of Research
  • GSM: +32 (0)477 894986

More information

  • EarlyTracks
  • 27, Rue de Wavre, 1301 Bierges, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)10 680517
  • Knowbel - EarlyTracks
    Spin-Off de l'UCL spécialisée dans l'extraction (text mining), la structuration et le traitement de l'information textuelle. Early Tracks propose des solutions personnalisées
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