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dimanche 25 mars 2018


Belgian spin-off from the UCL, Eonix developed innovative technologies for data capture and management which are used in different fields such as geolocalization, clinical studies, web medical image management or completely automated invoices recovery
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Eonix proposes a geolocalization system, Geos, dedicated to hospital indoor applications, locating equipments and people in real-time and smartly managing information. The applications are the following ones:


  • allowing nurses to quickly find on a map the nearest or searched assets or people;
  • managing:
    • immediate alerts, when the patient asks for help by pushing the button on his tag;
    • automatic alerts, when sensors on the tag sense a problem and send an alert;
    • intelligent alerts, when the system finds a strange behavior on a longer period of time or when the tag bearer enters forbidden areas.
  • let the staff member be assisted when a problem occurs (aggression, help,…);
  • close an alert directly on the patient, using the double lock with complete traceability of the intervention.


  • the patient can actively or passively throw alerts using its tag wherever he is (room, garden, hall,…);
  • Geos helps measuring the evolution of a patient revalidation e.g. by computing the daily perimeter of displacement of the patient;
  • the patient can interact with the environment (door opening for granted patients, lights management);
  • Geos can alert users when the patient leaves the surgery room or when an examination is finished.


  • finding your assets is no longer an issue since Geos gives you real-time location of your equipments, easing your maintenance;
  • using the double lock, you can insure and prove the equipments have been found and maintained.


  • being alerted when assets or people enter in forbidden zones;
  • accessing data from environmental sensors.


  • the staff knows where the equipments are, letting you manage and reorganize your stock;
  • you can study the flows of patients and equipments to continuously improve your departments.

Contact ICT 2010

Aloys du Bois d’Aische

  • Managing partner
  • Tel.: +32 (0)65 32 15 47

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  • Eonix
  • Rue Descartes, 2 à 7000 - Mons (Belgique)
  • Eonix
    Société de services de sécurité informatique dont l?ensemble des membres ont un profil technique axé tant sur le développement que sur le support
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