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Combines creativity, innovation and technological leadership to create a product-based service that connects people and collects information in real life
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Getyoo is a company providing innovative communication services for events. Getyoo.com is an online network relayed in real life by a simple wireless device, the Clickey, allowing users to connect to people, objects and 'things' in real life in order to collect content or exchange contact information.

The Clickey is an innovative tool to get rid of printed paper and business cards on events such as trade shows, fairs and conferences. Getyoo avoids paper waste and helps save the trees by enabling to digitalize all paper documents. People can pick up digital information just by clicking objects, posters or stickers with a Clickey, the same device is also a convenient networking tool that enables people to connect together on an online network and exchange contact details.

Contact ICT 2010

Marie du Chastel

  • Communication Executive
  • getyoo.com/marie

Geoffroy Simon

  • Chief Operating Officer
  • getyoo.com/geoffroy

More information

  • Getyoo
  • Rue des Tanneurs 60a, 1000 Bruxelles
  • Tel.: +32 (0)2 548 70 27
  • Getyoo
    Design, development and creation of interactive experiences for events based on NFC/RFID/MOBILE
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