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mercredi 21 mars 2018

3gsp - Akcento project

Our challenge is to facilitate professional remote interpretation while guaranteeing the highest quality of service
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logo 3GSP

Our mission

  • To set up a simple and easily accessible service of simultaneous professional interpretation for multilingual international meetings of all sizes;
  • To reduce the financial costs and the ecological impact related to the linguistic assistance of events;
  • To allow the partial or total virtualization of multilingual meetings by supporting remote participation.

Our offer

  • TiEapplication: a unique videoconferencing platform integrating simultaneous interpreting;
  • TiEbooths: mobile interpretation booths providing a professional environment of the highest quality standards to interpreters (e.g.: iso2603, working remotely in tandem);
  • TiEMethodology: the implementation of precise processes and protocols to guarantee an optimal quality.

Our technology

  • The Internet and telephone are combined to achieve the best possible quality while ensuring a fast and immediate exchange;
  • The management of multiple communication channels allows the working interpreters to have a dialog together, just as in a traditional fixed booth;
  • The possibility of remote interaction allows, for example, the active participation in conferences or congresses, even from home.

Three quality guarantees

  • Acoustic separation of the various simultaneously spoken languages, and this without reciprocal interference between the interpreted languages or with the speaker in the room;
  • Good visual and auditivecommunication between the interpreters and the participants in the conference, on the one hand, and between the various interpreter's booths, on the other hand;
  • A comfortable working environment allowing the interpreters to maintain the intense concentration which their work requires.

Contact ICT 2010

François-Xavier Despret

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • GSM: +32 (0)473 815836

More information

  • 3gsp
  • 69, Rue du Village, 5081 Meux, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)81 560272
  • Fax: +32 (0)81 560299
  • 3-GSP
    Organisation de réunions virtuelles en mode collaboratif. Rendre les réunions virtuelles les plus proches possible des réunions présentielles et, rendre le service accessible à tous et de partout en supprimant les barrières technologiques
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