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lundi 19 mars 2018


Polymedis S.A. is an university spin-off founded in 2003, specialised in hospital informatics.  The company develops and deploys the electronic patient record
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logo Polymedis

Polymedis ensures the data-processing management of almost 8.000 hospital beds and supports the registration of up to 500.000 cases on yearly base in the emergency services in Belgium and France. The objective of Polymedis is to become leader in the market of the electronic patient record in Belgium as from 2012.

Polymedis is actively exporting his products since its creation. The company employs highly skilled engineers, programmers, analysts, nurses, project managers, etc., which gives it an in depth understanding of the market and ensure its effectiveness. The company is constantly growing as well in the number of employees as in turnover. This growth justifies the investment of 1500000 € for new offices, located in the Initalis Parc in Mons. The company is profitable since 2007.

H++, added value for the hospital

"H ++" is the name of the new range of software, offering a 360° support, integrating both nursing record and medical record, including the medication registration and result server. H++ covers the full track of  the patient during his hospital contact or admission. The new Patient Record of Polymedis guarantees a fast input of care related data.

This true " GPS of the healthcare " declines itself in 8 products:

  • H + Med Medical Record: H+ Med allows the practitioner to gather all the information on the consultations and technical procedures he performs;
  • H+Nurse Nursing Record: following an holistic approach, H+ Nurse covers all the documentation needs in a flexible way.  Other paramedics can also register their actions using the same module;
  • H+ Drug Medication Prescription: the complete track of medication prescription and administration is covered by this module (the doctor prescribes, the pharmacist validates and distributes, the nurse dispenses and registers);
  • H+ Score Data Extraction: taking advantage of the structured data modelling within the other modules, this tool provides a large quantity of reports and statistics, aiming to improve both the financing of the institution through better INAMI/RIZIV coding and the quality of care itself;
  • H + Psy Psychiatric Patient Record;
  • H + Acute Emergency Patient Record;
  • H+ Way Clinical Pathways;
  • H + Result: Result server are completing the software suite of Polymedis.

All of these products have been developed in close partnership with several hospitals. The optimal structuring of the electronic patient record allows better retrieval of data and ensures a return on investment for hospitals, both in terms of quality and funding.

  • Medical record: computerized medical record for the management of admissions and consultations;
  • Nurse and care record: electronic Nursing Record allowing an holistic patient care, deployed for all related caregivers;
  • Drug Course: medication prescription with 3 actors managing the entire flow, from the medical prescription, administration by the nurse, through validation and distribution by the pharmacy department;
  • Clinical Pathways: the Clinical Pathways allows defining the different steps to be taken in managing a patient population with similar pathology;
  • Psychiatric record: multidisciplinary patient record involving all the actors of the psychiatric sector;
  • Emergency Record: the emergency patient record allows the specific management of the emergency room, supporting the acute follow up of care and the complex workflows;
  • Result server: collects and groups all relevant data from other hospital systems, and allows integration of the data into the medical record.  The result server also allows data export to external systems;
  • Data extractor: the data extraction module performs audits, scorecards and statistics based on structured data stored in the patient record.

Contact ICT 2010

Richard Lebrun

  • International Business Developper
  • GSM: +33 (6)08 026995

More information

  • Polymedis
  • Parc Initialis, 1/2, Rue Descartes, 7000 Mons, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)65 885184
  • Fax: +32 (0)65 875047
  • Polymedis
    Polymedis S.A., spin-off universitaire est spécialisée en informatique hospitalière. La société développe et installe le dossier patient informatisé
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