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Our Software Takes You into Space and Back Down to Earth. The design and realization of tailor made software systems for the space industry has been Spacebel's core business for more than 20 years
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Established in 1988, the Belgian software engineering company Spacebel has built up a solid reputation in the aerospace industry thanks to their participation in major programmes of the European Space Agency (ESA).

Spacebel is recognized for the provision of:

  • high-performance "tailor-made" IT solutions that fit out satellites and on-board instruments as well as control and mission centres;
  • simulators, i.e. test systems used for validation purposes of the satellite's correct functioning at any moment;
  • software solutions for launchers and experimental spacecraft.

Pursuing commercial objectives, Spacebel also offers Earth observation microsatellite systems based upon the PROBA platform, including studies on microsatellite mission analysis and definition.

Under contract with ESA, Spacebel brings its know-how to the implementation of a specialized WEB-based service-oriented infrastructure, which provides a simple, fast and economic access to Earth observation services.

Moreover, Spacebel offers services and applications for Earth observation and monitoring including a Spatial Data Infrastructure allowing collecting, access, process and transforming geospatial data. Those services concern forestry, water, agriculture, territory, industrial risks, atmosphere, mine exploitation and natural resources management. The expertise of Spacebel is based upon their know-how in the field of data infrastructures, WebGIS open source technologies, RADAR and high resolution optical instrument data processing.

Apart from their headquarters in Liege and offices in the outskirts of Brussels, Spacebel has a subsidiary in Toulouse nearby the French space agency and the major European aerospace companies (EADS and Thales).

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Ingrid De Bosscher

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  • GSM: +32 (0)473 178536

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  • Spacebel
    Définition, analyse de mission de microsatellites d'observation de la Terre, étude, conception, développement, intégration et validation de systèmes logiciels innovants pour l'industrie spatiale, systèmes-services de support d'information géospatiale
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