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Agence du Numérique (ex - Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications / AWT), la plateforme ICT de la Wallonie

samedi 24 mars 2018

Agence Wallonne des Télécommunications

The Walloon Telecommunications Agency is an organism of public interest which general mission is to promote the information and communication technologies (ICT) and their use in the Walloon Region
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The Walloon Telecommunications Agency (Agence Wallonnne des Télécommunications or AWT) is the agency which deals with the development, promotion and dissemination of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Wallonia. Nowadays, these technologies are crucial to the development of our society: education, the economy, government, multimedia, etc.

The 3 Missions of AWT

ICT-watch mission

This ICT-watch mission is carried out in close cooperation with the main players and companies in the ICT sector in Wallonia, within Belgium and abroad, and is intended to:

  • identify the legal, technological and economic developments  relating to ICTs;
  • observe and determine the ways ICTs are used in Wallonia (citizens, SMEs, local authorities…). With this in mind, the AWT carries out annual statistical surveys and recommends actions to the Walloon Government;
  • publish information about ICTs on awt.be.

Advisory mission

Its expertise makes the AWT the prime interlocutor of the Walloon Government and the public sector in Wallonia with regard to ICTs. In practice, this mission involves launching or supporting policies and projects relating to ICTs (telecommunications infrastructures, multi-channel e-government, ICT Mobilisation Plan (PMTIC), e-learning umbrella organisation (in French: "coupole"), local authority web sites, encouragement of ICT usage in SMEs, etc.).

Promotion mission

The objective of this mission is to:

  • ensure maximum dissemination of the work and services of the AWT ;
  • maximise the benefit from its ICT-watch mission in an operational way among its principal target groups: citizens, Walloon SMEs/microbusinesses and administrations.

To carry out this promotion mission, the AWT has set up the awt.be portal. The Agency has also developed partnerships with the public and private sectors And last but not least, it organises and attends many events for business that are connected with ICTs.

The awt.be portal

A forum for convergence and dissemination of ICTs in Wallonia, the www.awt.be portal has a threefold objective:

  1. To provide accessible information with a high level of expertise in relation to ICTs. The portal offers, in particular:
    • content channels with newsfeeds and background articles, interviews with ICT professionals and features on specific themes. Each of these corresponds to one area of the ICT-watch:
      • administration and e-government;
      • e-Business and ICT in companies;
      • e-learning, education and training;
      • data processing and telecommunications;
      • digital and multimedia;
      • security, legal aspects and regulation;
      • the information and knowledge society;
      • mobile technologies mobiles;
      • "Vigie" database of the ICT sector.
    • AWT TV, a Web TV intended to promote ICTs interactively.
    • a mobile version that can be used from any terminal.
  2. To offer a range of services: diary of ICT events, directory of useful web links, RSS feed, technological glossary, press review, etc.
  3. To be a technological reference for the implementation of a web site. The www.awt.be portal incorporated the most recent technological developments of the web and complies with accessibility standards.

The "Vigie" database

This database is a directory of companies operating in the ICT sector in Wallonia. A real showcase of the sector, it contains records for over 1100 companies.

The "Vigie" database shows, for each company listed:

  • its main business activities;
  • its address details and the names of several contact persons;
  • free text enabling it to present its competencies and services in an informal and more detailed way.

AWT also produces multi-media case studies of innovative companies. It is the ideal tool for Belgian and foreign businesses looking for the best partners to develop projects involving the use of ICTs. The "Vigie" database accessible free of charge.

Contact ICT 2010

André Blavier

  • Tel.: +32 (0)81 778091
  • GSM: +32 (0)478 226661

Marie Vanderkelen

  • Tel.: +32 (0)81 778068
  • GSM: +32 (0)497 837678

More information

  • AWT
  • 133, Avenue Prince de Liège, 5100 Namur (Jambes), Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)81 778080
  • Fax: +32 (0)81 778099
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