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lundi 19 mars 2018

Euro Green IT

Euro Green IT Innovation Center is a centre of expertise at the junction between Information and Communication Technologies and Sustainable Development
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The Euro Green IT Innovation Center was founded on a public-private partnership. This non-profit association, based in the Initialis Park in Mons is a centre of expertise at the junction between Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) and Sustainable Development. At the same time, it is a demonstration and pilot project platform in the field of green energy efficiency.

Green IT consists of two parts. On the one hand, IT industry citizens work to design products that are less polluting, less energy-consuming and easier to recycle, as well as more efficient data centres. On the other, it is a question of innovative projects that will enable, via IT contributions, the building of a more sustainable world.

The not-for-profit Euro Green IT Innovation Center wants to play a major role in this second part, by creating an expertise, reflection and guidance centre for the ideas, projects and young companies that rely on information technologies for the purpose of developing a more sustainable world. In addition to its role of new green technology research accelerator, the Centre will also have a role of recommendation to the public authorities with regard to the added-value of ICT for improving the eco-energy efficiency of the green economy.

The Centre is oriented towards start-ups, SMEs, businesses units and university departments that are developing innovative projects in terms of sustainable development.

Contact ICT 2010

Pierre Leclerq

  • Executive Director
  • GSM: +32 (0)498 708038

More information

  • Euro Green IT
  • 7000 Mons, Belgium
  • L'Euro Green IT Innovation Center est lancé
    Fruit d'un partenariat public-privé, l'Euro Green IT Innovation Center se positionne comme centre d'expertise au croisement des TIC et du développement durable. Il jouera également le rôle de plateforme de démonstration et de projets pilotes
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