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mardi 20 mars 2018

Microsoft Innovation Center

Microsoft Innovation Center is dedicated to facilitating the creation of jobs and businesses in the sector of Information and Communication Technology in Wallonia
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Open in March 4, 2009, the Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) is a non profit association coming from a public-private partnership between the Walloon Region, Microsoft, VOO, HP and Mobistar. Located in the Digital Innovation Valley in Mons, the MIC is a tool for regional economic development dedicated to facilitating the creation of jobs and businesses in the sector of Information and Communication Technology in Wallonia.

Based on an initial contract of three years of collaboration, the MIC aims to encourage the creation of 250 jobs and 25 startups, and to support 150 innovative projects in the sector and the Region by December 2011. To achieve this goal, the MIC promotes partnerships, facilitates contacts and promotes actions to leverage the proliferation of connections rather than to support specific projects only. This public-private cooperation for the benefit of local firms plays on the talent, creativity, innovation capacity and willingness of entrepreneurship to boost the Walloon ICT ecosystem.

The MIC encourages entrepreneurship and operates on 4 levels, following the cycle of developing an idea into a business:

  • the MIC creates an environment favorable to innovation and entrepreneurship in the IT sector. Through contact actions and communications (website, newsletters, events, etc.), it promotes meetings and business relations with the Walloon IT ecosystem;
  • the MIC promotes knowledge. This happens primarily through training, seminars and certifications rewarding achievements and operational skills. The MIC has its own certification center Prometric, which aims to raise 500 certifications in three years;
  • the MIC encourages testing and prototyping of new projects through the provision of testing software (MIC is a partner of the Microsoft BizSpark Program), equipment, laboratories and launches regularly calls for projects involving new business opportunities;
  • the MIC promotes entrepreneurship. Twice a year, in collaboration with partners such as La Maison de l’Entreprise, the MIC organizes an "Entrepreneur Bootcamp" for the ICT sector and offers to the participants a Flex Office service to help them to start their business.

Contact ICT 2010

Ben Piquard

  • Chief Executive Manager

More information

  • Microsoft Innovation Center
  • 1, Boulevard Initialis, 7000 Mons, Belgium
  • Tel.: +32 (0)65 950395
  • Fax: +32 (0)65 950395
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    Le Microsoft Innovation Center a pour mission de soutenir le développement économique et de favoriser l'éclosion de projets innovants dans le secteur des TIC en agissant principalement sur 3 volets: la connaissance, l'innovation, l'entreprenariat
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