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Communications and Remote Sensing Laboratory of the School of Engineering (EPL) at the Université catholique de Louvain (UCL), Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium
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Apidis project

Apidis uniquely offers a range of fully automatic solutions to meet your needs for team sport promotion and analysis, from the practicality of player’s tracking through to the automatic production of personalizedsport event summaries

Democratic and personalized production of multimedia content is a challenge that content providers will have to face in the near future. We address this challenge by building on computer vision tools to automate the collection and distribution of audiovisual content.

In a typical application scenario, the sensor network for media acquisition is composed of microphones and cameras, which, for example, cover a basket-ball field. Distributed analysis and interpretation of the scene are exploited to decide what to show or not to show about the event, so as to produce a video composed of a valuable subset of the streams provided by each individual camera.

The process involves numerous integrated technologies and methodologies, including but not limited to automatic scene analysis, camera viewpoint selection, and generation of summaries through automatic organization of stories. Considering the problem in a multi-camera environment not only mitigates the difficulty of scene understanding caused by reflection, occlusion and shadow in the single view case, but also offers higher flexibility in producing visually pleasant video reports.

In final, autonomous production/summarization can provide practical solutions to a wide range of applications, such as personalized access to local sport events through a web portal or a mobile hand-set, cost-effective and fully automated production of content dedicated to small-audience, e.g. souvenirs DVD, university lectures, etc., and interactive browsing for video surveillance. Use cases and experimental results will be presented based on the outcomes of the European FP7 APIDIS project. A real-life prototype is currently installed in the ‘Spiroudome’ basket-ball room, with additional support from the Walloon Region (DG06).

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Christophe De Vleeschouwer

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