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dimanche 25 mars 2018

Partners of the Wallonia European Creative District

Organised by the "Wallonia, European Creative District" (WECD), this event ambitions to present the results of pilot actions launched since 2012 as Wallonia has been distinguished as a "European Creative District" along with Tuscany among more than 40 candidate regions in Europe
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The Economic Policy Directorate of the Public Service of Wallonia

The Economic Policy Directorate is in charge of advising the Walloon Government, particularly in terms of analysis, assessments and decision support in the field of entrepreneurial policies, innovations and integrated territorial developments.

The Economic Policy Directorate is the lead partner of the Wallonia European Creative District project; it is in charge of the reporting obligations to the European Commission, the global coherence of the project, the organisation of the Consortium meetings and the High Level Group meetings. In addition, it is in charge of several actions such as the evaluation of the Creative Wallonia program, the analysis of the place and the role of CCIs in the Walloon value chains, the creation of identity cards for clusters and competitiveness poles and the implication of the clusters TIC and TWIST in the project.  Moreover, the DGO6 is also involved in a consultancy project in creative innovation.

Walloon Agency for Digitalization (AdN)

The Walloon Agency for Digitalization is in charge of ICT promotion in the Walloon region in terms of production, communication and use. Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are becoming an essential tool for governments, companies and citizens.

Within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District, the AdN coordinates actions linked to the coworking spaces as well as the extension of the Boost up action to the ICT sector.

ID Campus

ID Campus stimulates the emergence of a creative society through innovation in the field of education by the development of new skills linked to creativity, transdisciplinarity and by the implementation of concrete and real projects. ID Campus wants to be a laboratory for creativity, and decompartmentalize sectors (particularly the cultural, economic and technological sectors) by stimulating skills such as entrepreneurship, creativity, culture, etc.

Within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District, ID Campus implements a new master program which aims to convey a creative behaviour and thought and a new training for trainers in the field of creativity.


St'art investment fund is a unique financial instrument in Brussels and Wallonia. With an allocation of â?¬16 million, it is the result of the joint efforts of Wallonia and the Wallonia-Brussels Federation to support the development of the creative economy. The fund contributes to the creation of companies and the development of existing structures in order, for example, to undertake new projects, create new products and win new markets. The fund provides financing in the form of loans and investments. The objective is also to have a leverage effect on banks and private investors.

Within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District, St'art implements the axis 3 “Better access to Finance”. Actions linked to the financing of the CCIs: search for innovative measures, raise of the awareness of investors and coaching of the CCIs.

Wallonie Design

Wallonie Design addresses entrepreneurs and designers in order to generate professional networks and collaborations developing Walloon economic activities. Companies that invest in design increase their sales and reinforce their position while designers who wish to develop projects have an interest in being integrated into a network to simplify the creation, dissemination and promotion processes.

Within the framework of the Wallonia European Creative District, Wallonie Design is in charge of the internationalisation of the Boost up creative industries program, the organisation of the test and the implementation of creativity vouchers and the stimulation of links between CCIs, competitiveness poles and clusters.

The Wallonia European Creative District is the European demonstrator of Creative Wallonia.

Wallonia European Creative District is a Preparatory Action proposed by the European Parliament and implemented through a Grant Agreement by the European Commission's Directorate-General for Enterprise and Industry.

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